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Klinička matematika.

Dakle, čisto sredinski sinonimi za >mene< : situacija,nebiće,životinja,svemirksa prašina,mozak,vrat,olovka,jabuka,sunce,smrt,linija,vrh,šit,nota,sloboda,pojas,glumica,slojevitost,dubina,klinička matematika.

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" Well my Dear it's time. " he said. " It's time for what ? " she asked. " I've been waiting for 35 years to tell you.. to tell you that I love you. " fear started rushing into his eyes "oh my darling , I know that , haha , I know that for all of this time - since the first time you hugged me, kissed me and looked at me, on the streets of Manhattan , 35 years ago. "

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" The series of performances is representing the necessity of change - Serija performansa predstavlja nužnost promjene ! "

This is the scene in front of Precidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina building in Sarajevo. It represents the series of perfomances by Thomas Steyaert and group of young artists from Academy of Performing Arts.

( 7.3.2014. )

This is what they / we feel in ouf state.